My payment is rejected, what can I do?

If you have registered, but your payment didn't go through and was rejected by the bank. Please do the following: 


  1. Double-check if you filled in the correct billing details, including the expiration date or your CVC code.
  2. If your data is correct, you might need to contact your bank asking for more details. Due to privacy policy, we don't receive any details on the reason for this rejection from the banks. You can find their contact details at the back of your card.
  3. To get access immediately - you can try using another payment method. 


When you pay with a Credit Card, our system asks for authorization from your bank. In some cases, a bank refuses the payment. This can have multiple reasons, however, the bank does not inform us about the exact reason to respect your privacy. So we are unable to give you specific information. Please contact your bank for any details and the status of your account in case this happens to you. 


In some rare cases, a credit card payment is blocked due to our fraud filters. 


When you pay with a credit balance on your PayPal account, transactions tend to go very smoothly. Be aware that if you pay using an external payment method, like your credit card that is associated with your PayPal account, similar issues can arise like those indicated above (section about Credit Cards). 

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